Raising awareness

Dyslexia Awareness Week


Dyslexia awareness week 2017 runs from Monday 2nd October to Sunday 8th October, with the theme Positive about Dyslexia.BDA_Aims

You don’t have to look far to find successful, positive role models. There are many famous people whose dyslexia is recognised and celebrated. But even today, over 120 years after the first record of dyslexia appeared in the British Medical Journal, there are children, young people and adults who are misunderstood, because their educators or employers are not dyslexia aware.

It’s not too late to find out more and show your support (even if you are reading this after the 2017 week is past)

Information for schools and those working with children can be found here.

Information for employers and those working with adults can be found here.

Posts on supporting skills for literacy can be found here.

Posts related to Early Years can be found here.

Posts on harnessing strengths and supporting needs can be found here.



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