Learning at home

Silly stories

Here’s today’s addition to your toolbox of activities to develop learning at home in ways that are less formal and (I hope) more fun.

This game adapts well to participants of all ages. The youngest children or least confident writers can team up with older siblings or parents and practise their communication skills through coherent whispering. Spelling and handwriting is unimportant, and often the most reluctant writers will enjoy this.

Everyone gets a piece of paper (you can download a template here, but once you’ve played and everyone knows the rules, any paper, including the reverse of an old circular or anything waiting to be recycled is just fine).

Each person writes a the name of a character or famous person on the top line. Fold the paper to hide the name but leaving the next line visible and pass it to your neighbour (agree left or right in advance). Now write another character’s or famous person’s name. Pass it on again. Write where they met and then when. Next what the first one asked, then what the other one answered. Finally, write what happened – it can be as ordinary or outlandish as you like. You don’t need to insist on the whole family taking part; I’ve played this in one-to-one lessons with great success.

When all the writing is done, pass the papers one last time and unfold. Take turns to read the silly stories and enjoy! Again, less confident readers could partner up – you may wish to have everyone paired until the game is a family routine.

The game of consequences

Download here

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