Learning at home

What’s that sound?

Today’s activity can be planned or impromptu.

Stop for a moment and listen to the sounds around you. Right now, I can hear the dog’s tag jongling as she pads around the kitchen. The fridge is humming. Someone is walking in a bedroom overhead. I’m not sure how many different birds I can make out, but a pigeon and a crow are vying for my attention down the chimney… And there’s the cockerel!

Listening to the sounds around us and working out  what they are, and what that might mean for us, feeds into our understanding of the sounds that make up language, too. Helping children learn to listen and discern sounds can pave the way for developing early phonic skills as well as building listening comprehension later on.

April what's that sound

More ideas for bulding phonic skills can be found here and here.

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