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100-square activities

Today’s daily offering is perhaps a little more conventional, but there are so many ways to adapt this maths challenge to suit those just starting out with number recognition or those whose pattern recogniton skills are at an advanced level.

Now we’ve found a few ways to use the 100 square for games, here are a couple of dryer, but still useful activities to develop number sense and memory of number facts such as tables. Older learners can discover patterns in familiar tables and teach these to younger siblings.

Try this: draw a blocky pictureover the 100-square – it could be a flower, an animal, a building…

Write instructions, you can simplify these to colour-coding – a block of colour and a list of the numbers to be shaded accordingly, or make it tricky with ‘clues’ to solve e.g. 13+4 = red.

Download a blank copy here

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