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April thinking

The month is up, but learning at home is not stopping…

I love this activity that can be adapted to children (and adults) of all ages and interests.

Having more than one possible answer can reduce the fear of being ‘wrong’ and helps build confidence in our own ideas.

Encouraging children to give voice to their thoughts in this way gives us an opportunity to celebrate their ideas and help them value their original thinking. As well as helping them to understand and develop their own thinking processes, this can also lead to improved fluency in discussions or for writing. (More on creative writing here and here)

Here’s an example –

Odd one out

Possible answers include:

The spaceman, e.g. because he doesn’t have wings, or because he wouldn’t be in the Earth’s atmosphere…

The bird, because it isn’t a mammal, lays eggs or has feathers…

The bat, because it’s nocturnal, because the drawing is less ‘real’…

I’d love to hear how you develop the game in your families!

Each weekday in April 2020 I have posted activities that can help children develop skills for everyday ‘academic’ activities through play and practical tasks. You can find them all under the Learning at Home tab.

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