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Stealth maths

To lighten the load on unaccustomed and/or unplanned home educators (and for anyone else who's interested) I'm sharing daily ideas to develop children's learning through play and everyday activities. As well as being fantastic for social skills, communication, sharing and turn-taking, games are a brilliant way to develop both understanding of mathematical concepts and the… Continue reading Stealth maths

Learning at home

Phonics fun

Yes, I did just put those two words together! If we make game of everyday language and build on the fun of early nursery rhymes and picture books, we really can take the pressure off when it comes to discerning sounds for spelling and writing later on. More ideas to help develop children's skills through… Continue reading Phonics fun

Special Education

Reasonable adjustments

An infographic for #AutismAwareness day 2020 Sensory sensitivities 2020

Learning at home

Crafty crafting

Today's daily tip is designed to help build strength and skills for writing, but there's not a pencil in sight! Don't feel you have to stick to handwriting exercises. There are many ways to develop the dexterity needed for accurate pencil control. More information on fine motor skills for writing can be found here. A… Continue reading Crafty crafting

Learning at home

Learning at home

With so many of us suddenly education our children at home, my aim is to lighten the load. Each weekday in April I’ll add a quick tip or activity that can be incorporated into family life and home learning. Look out for links to resources, too.

Shows and conferences · Special Education

Where have all the girls gone?

A day of inspiration, information and calls to action Image from Lydia Avalon There are some events I must attend as part of CPD, professional certification or study, but this was one I wanted to attend for me: as an educator, as a parent, as a researcher and as someone who is perhpas not conventionally… Continue reading Where have all the girls gone?

Special Education · Study Skills


A few ideas to help with reading for revision or assignment research.

Executive Function · Special Education

Simplifying executive function

This is a whistle-stop - if you're interested to do your own research, check out this booklist, or see the research links at the end of the blog. There's a graphic that's been doing the rounds for a while now. It states, somewhat alarmingly, that certain children's and young people's executive function (EF) development is… Continue reading Simplifying executive function

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Take a note…

Another blog in my study skills series. I've mentioned before how much I could have benefitted from the type of support that I now find myself providing to others. If I were to choose just one skill that could have transformed my school experience, it would probably be note taking. I still remember biology lessons… Continue reading Take a note…

Study Skills

Memory techniques

An introduction to memory techniques

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Meeting individual needs…

A post about my current studies

Special Education · Study Skills


Another blog in the study skills series. Timing It's as important not to overload yourself as it is not to leave thing to the last moment... Start by working for 20 to 50 minutes at a time less and you won't have enough time to get stuck in and learn meaningfully, more and you'll risk… Continue reading Revision

12 days 18-19

Last words…

On the 12 day of Christmas... Yes, this is the last of these posts, but no, of course it won't be the last time I mention executive function. To close the 12 Days of Christmas series of EF related posts, it seemed sensible to share again some of the texts that I have consulted when… Continue reading Last words…

12 days 18-19

Show me the way

On the eleventh day of Christmas... Anyone who has visited a mainstream primary or even secondary school classroom cannot have failed to notice the plethora of displays decorating the walls. Sometimes these expand to cover doors, windows and may even be suspended from the ceiling or pegged out overhead, washing-line style. Often these consist primarily of presentations… Continue reading Show me the way

12 days 18-19 · Special Education

EF, reading and writing

On the tenth day of Christmas... It may be obvious, but, for best results, start at the beginning! Even children whose executive function (EF) develops typically do not begin to visualise and verbalise until they are at least pre-school age. Whether at home, in whole class, small group or 1:1 situations, the earliest activities and… Continue reading EF, reading and writing

12 days 18-19

EF and learning

On the ninth day of Christmas... Executive function (EF) difficulties commonly co-occur with other learning differences and specific learning difficulties, and they can pose life-long challenges. It’s important for those affected, their families, educators and employers to understand how EF impacts everyday functioning and what can be done to support this. For more on EF difficulties see EF… Continue reading EF and learning

12 days 18-19

A new start

On the eighth day of Christmas and the first day of 2019... I'm asking you again to join me on an EF crusade... If we can each tell two people and get them to adapt their practice, and each of them finds how transformational it can be, imagine how many children's and young people's learning… Continue reading A new start

12 days 18-19 · Special Education

A new year’s resolution

On the seventh day of Christmas and the last day of 2018, I'm asking readers to join me on an EF crusade... If we can each tell two people and get them to adapt their practice, and each of them finds how transformational it can be, imagine how many children's and young people's learning experience… Continue reading A new year’s resolution

12 days 18-19 · Special Education

Executive function at home

On the sixth day of Christmas... Executive functions (Explained in more detail here: EF – an introduction) develop from early childhood and are seen as key predictors of academic outcome and life chances in the modern world. I discussed how EF difficulties might present or be supported in the classroom in EF and Learning –… Continue reading Executive function at home