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Simplifying executive function

This is a whistle-stop - if you're interested to do your own research, check out this booklist, or see the research links at the end of the blog. There's a graphic that's been doing the rounds for a while now. It states, somewhat alarmingly, that certain children's and young people's executive function (EF) development is… Continue reading Simplifying executive function

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Supporting working memory at school

  Working memory (WM) is one of the cognitive executive functions (EF). WM and EF difficulties in general are factors in many neuro-developmental conditions. This makes so much of what happens at work, university, school or indeed many everyday situations more challenging than it needs to be. The good news is that there are plenty… Continue reading Supporting working memory at school

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Working Memory

Often, the first time parents hear the term Working Memory (WM) is when their child undergoes assessment for learning difficulties. Teachers generally understand that a student's WM dictates the relative ease or difficulty with which they 'hold' information for short periods of time, say to follow classroom instructions, write and spell accurately or complete a mathematical… Continue reading Working Memory

Executive Function

EF infographics

Teachers and parents will express their confusion at a learner’s behaviour, particularly if they do not always display the maturity or organisational skills of peers in their age group. This could be attributable to weaknesses in executive function, which is typically slower to develop in children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia as well… Continue reading EF infographics

Executive Function

5 memory boosters

5 ideas to boost learning when memory and organisation make things hard

Executive Function

5 thoughts on homework

5 ideas to make homework meaningful and manageable

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8 ideas to promote listening skills

Listening skills, like any others, often need to be explicitly taught.

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Supporting visual strengths and needs

For certain students, traditional teaching methods are not always sufficient, and sometimes not appropriate, no matter how sensitively planned and delivered. This may be for many reasons, including physiological, developmental and neurological differences. Some students, including many with with ADHD, autism and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, have what is known as a 'spiky'… Continue reading Supporting visual strengths and needs

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Classroom visuals and displays

A few ideas on maximising the impact of posters and other classroom displays.

Executive Function · Language and literacy skills · Raising awareness

5 ideas for an inclusive classroom

An infographic of strategies to make classrooms more supportive of all students

Executive Function

10 books on Executive Function and Related Learning Needs

10 books on executive function

Executive Function

Supporting EF with displays and visual prompts

Posters and visual timetables can be very useful both in the classroom and at home, particularly for students with learning differences. The key is to teach learners how to use them.

Executive Function · Mathematics and problem-solving skills

Executive function, mathematics and problem-solving

Executive function deficits can impact on mastery of mathematical skills. Read about how this can be supported here:

Executive Function · Language and literacy skills

Language and Literacy

Sharing ideas to boost children's communication skills and promote literacy development.

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Routines can help

Routines can play a vital part in academic success and life beyond school.

Executive Function

Lightening the Load

In this post I am sharing one of the strategies that has helped my students.

Executive Function


Homework is an acknowledged area of challenge for students with learning difficulties, not least because of the demands on executive function.

Executive Function

It will get easier

Some things are automatic from the get-go, others gradually develop automaticity.

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Classroom Survival

Ideas for parents to share with teachers, and for teachers to test for themselves.