A collection of bite-size chunks of information for sharing with parents and teachers or online. Social media graphics can be saved or shared, and the infographics are available to download.

Click each infographic to go to the original post for screen reading or sharing. All infographics are downloadable free in PDF format for printing.


Memory  Sensory Processing  5 ideas to make homework work for you  Classroom visuals  SMART targets  Inclusive classrooms  Early signs of literacy difficulties  PrimaryKey aspects of Executive function

Motor Skills

Strength and stability  Fine motor skills  Posture to support academic work  Position to support academic work  4 steps to a tripod pencil grasp


8 games & activities for listening skills  Phonics games & activities  GAMES TO BOOST PHONIC SKILLS AND ALPHABET KNOWLEDGE  Spelling


5 games to foster early mathematical skills  Number facts to 10  Number facts to 100  Calculation tips  100square 8 times tables tricks  9 times tables tricks  6 times tables tricks  7 times table tricks  Maths independence

Social Media Posts

Sensory         Tactile

Smell        Aural


Games Matching       See it say it

Alphabet arc post       SNAP

Find the Sounds       Make the Sounds

Hear the Sounds       Say the Sounds

Sort the sounds

Stories       Conversation

What sound       Routines

Circle Games       Instructions

Comprehension       Songs and rhymes

Skills for School throw and catch       Skills for School Garden Games

Skills for School Writing warmups      Copy of Skills for School Skateboard

Copy of Copy of Skills for School Wheelbarrow

Math EF       Math Language

Math displays       Math explicit

Math example       Math manipulatives

Math revision

Maths finding       Maths comparing

Maths sorting      Maths measuring

Maths puzzles


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