Learning at home

Draw what I say!

Today's activity for learning through fun is one that can be enjoyed by all ages. I've used line drawings and given colouring instructions,  or simple drawings to be embellished, or started with a blank sheet of paper, a whiteboard or chalkboard. Gauge your learner - introduce concepts of colour, angles, complex shape names and more… Continue reading Draw what I say!

Learning at home

Hidden treasure

This activity can easily be set in a specific room, all around the house, or in the garden. Adapt the concept to suit children’s ages and stages – simplify as necessary or make it more complex. Older children can cope with more sophisticated language, more difficult or more numerous description, for example, a combination of… Continue reading Hidden treasure

Learning at home

What did you say?!

The latest in a series of weekday tips to help develop chidren's skills for learning through play. Today's game is an old favourtite. It can be played by the whole family, regardless of age, and can help develop listening skills and sound discrimination. Posts are gathered together under the Learning at Home tab. You can… Continue reading What did you say?!

Learning at home

What’s that sound?

Today's activity can be planned or impromptu. Stop for a moment and listen to the sounds around you. Right now, I can hear the dog's tag jongling as she pads around the kitchen. The fridge is humming. Someone is walking in a bedroom overhead. I'm not sure how many different birds I can make out,… Continue reading What’s that sound?

Learning at home

We’re going on a sound hunt!

For today's offering, an old favourite that works at home or out on a daily walk. Adapt the concept to suit children’s ages and stages – simplify as necessary or make it more complex. Older children can cope with more sophisticated language and less visually obvious targets. This helps build comprehension and vocabulary skills as… Continue reading We’re going on a sound hunt!

Learning at home

Phonics fun

Yes, I did just put those two words together! If we make game of everyday language and build on the fun of early nursery rhymes and picture books, we really can take the pressure off when it comes to discerning sounds for spelling and writing later on. More ideas to help develop children's skills through… Continue reading Phonics fun

Raising awareness

Sense of Sensory

Updated for Autism Awareness Week 2018. As with all my infographics, this one can be downloaded for printing. There's a link at the bottom of the page. It’s completely free, but please credit Sarah Gillie - Beacons Unique Download here More infographics here More posts related to awareness-raising can be found here You can share… Continue reading Sense of Sensory

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8 ideas to promote listening skills

Listening skills, like any others, often need to be explicitly taught.

Early Years

Why does he do that?

via Daily Prompt: Sympathy Sometimes, a parent will quietly ask their child's class teacher or another parent if what they see in their child is 'normal'. Other times, a teacher might ask their student's previous teacher whether a particular conduct or difficulty is typical for that chid, or they might seek the advice of a… Continue reading Why does he do that?