Raising awareness · Shows and conferences


A short report on recent training, some useful links and an infographic interactive factors framework for DCD/dyspraxia

Early Years · Skills for school

Building strength for deskwork

A few OT inspired ideas for parents and teachers to support children's developing skills for writing

Raising awareness

Awareness and understanding

For many countries in the northern hemisphere, the new academic year begins around the start of September. Children return to school, excited to see their friends. Teachers are looking forward to getting to know their students, finding out what motivates each one, and seeing the excitement of learning. For some parents it can be a… Continue reading Awareness and understanding

Early Years

Why does he do that?

via Daily Prompt: Sympathy Sometimes, a parent will quietly ask their child's class teacher or another parent if what they see in their child is 'normal'. Other times, a teacher might ask their student's previous teacher whether a particular conduct or difficulty is typical for that chid, or they might seek the advice of a… Continue reading Why does he do that?

Early Years · Language and literacy skills · Skills for school

Fine Motor Support for Writing

A few resources and strategies I have found helpful when supporting developing pencil control for writing

Executive Function · Skills for school

Classroom Survival

Ideas for parents to share with teachers, and for teachers to test for themselves.

Executive Function

Executive Function 

An introduction to executive functions - what they are and how they affect learning.