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ACAMH Dyslexia Conference

Links to the speakers at ACAMH's dyslexia conference.

Raising awareness

Celebrating achievement

via Daily Prompt: Record When children are small and make their first tentative steps into the world of education, often semi-informally in a play-based setting, each day can seem to bring with it another small trophy of the day's activities: some small, sticky objet or crinkled artwork that must, for an unspecified period, at the very… Continue reading Celebrating achievement

Raising awareness

Warning signs

If we read the signs, we can often support students to achieve. Why doesn't it happen automatically?

Raising awareness

Emerging, expected, exceeding…

I tried to let it go, but I just couldn't I had to share my reaction to the latest spanner in the works of teacher-parent relations.

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Routines can help

Routines can play a vital part in academic success and life beyond school.

Raising awareness


Some thought on students' self-esteem