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Patoss (virtual) conference 2020

If we're connected on social media or you've been reading my blog for a while, you may know my time has been limited over the past couple of years while I'm undertaking my doctoral study. This has sometimes meant I've had to miss a course or conference I'd otherwise have attended due to study commitments… Continue reading Patoss (virtual) conference 2020

Learning at home

Silly stories

Here's today's addition to your toolbox of activities to develop learning at home in ways that are less formal and (I hope) more fun.This game adapts well to participants of all ages. The youngest children or least confident writers can team up with older siblings or parents and practise their communication skills through coherent whispering.… Continue reading Silly stories

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Another blog in the study skills series. Timing It's as important not to overload yourself as it is not to leave thing to the last moment... Start by working for 20 to 50 minutes at a time less and you won't have enough time to get stuck in and learn meaningfully, more and you'll risk… Continue reading Revision

Raising awareness

Moving on

As dyslexia awareness week 2017 comes to a close, let’s be dyslexia aware year-round.

Raising awareness

Dyslexia Awareness Week

A few thoughts on raising dyslexia awareness.

Language and literacy skills

5 points of view

It occurred to me that if you are already here, you might appreciate someone else's perspective on literacy development and difficulties, so I've done a little round up of blogs you might like to check out: Old House in the Shires: How can I help my child learn to read? By a mum and teacher… Continue reading 5 points of view

Raising awareness

Warning signs in the Primary Classroom

What to look out for and how to support learning needs in the primary classroom

Language and literacy skills

More skills for writing

Orthography is just one of the skills students employ when learning to spell and write.

Early Years · Language and literacy skills

Early skills for writing

Phonological knowledge is one of the skills needed for writing and spelling in English.

Early Years · Language and literacy skills · Skills for school

Early Spelling and Writing

The first years of writing development.

Early Years · Language and literacy skills · Skills for school

Pre-writing and early literacy skills

An introduction to the early stages of formal literacy focused on preparation for writing.

Executive Function

10 books on Executive Function and Related Learning Needs

10 books on executive function