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Last questions!

I asked recently what sorts of blogposts people would like to see, and one of the responses related to question words. This is a great topic, and I've decided to deal with it in three separate articles. The first relates to spelling  and the second to using questions to develop reading and listening comprehension skills.… Continue reading Last questions!

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patoss conference 2018

Another week, another dyslexia and SpLD professionals' event! This weekend marked the annual conference for the Professional association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (patoss). It was another early start, this time travelling by train. The morning was glorious; as we travelled to Newport, the huge, pale lemon sun rose into a cloudless,… Continue reading patoss conference 2018

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Letters and sounds

A downloadable infographic and downloadable resources to promote alphabet skills

Shows and conferences

TES SEN Show 2017

My report on the TES SEN Show 2017

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Writing development in pre- and early teens

An overview of the final stages of writing development.